Read This the Next Time You’re Ready to Give Up on Your Goals

“Success is steady progress toward one’s personal goals.” -Jim Rohn



Today marks the beginning of a new year.

This time of year is traditionally a time that we all look at the last year, reflect, and make goals for the new year.

However, most don’t succeed. Most quit after days or just a couple weeks. It is so easy to have lofty goals, set our eyes on something we’ve always wanted, whether it is a change about ourselves or something materialistic. But then when they don’t materialize right away it is so easy to give up.

Our society is one of instant results, we tend to want everything and we want it now!

But that is not the key to everlasting success and is in fact unhealthy and detrimental to our goals, not helpful.

I am a firm believer in sculpting life through habit – by both creating good habits and removing bad habits.

Habits don’t require willpower once they’re formed, and allows us to live in healthy ways on autopilot, thereby leaving the rest of our brain power and willpower for concentrating on other aspects of our lives.

But habits form slowly – around 14 to 21 days – and therefore feels like very slow progress.

However, progress is what is the key to success. Going all out and then quitting will never lead to success. But progress, however slow, will see through to the end!

Therefore, I urge people to instead of making huge lofty new year’s resolutions, make just one to start with, or make one per month. Smaller ones. Or if you really have one huge goal then break it up into 12 smaller goals that will accomplish the big goal by the end of the year. Then work on each of those smaller things per month and you will achieve the big goal at the end!

But the focus has to be on only on one thing at a time. If you focus on too many things at once, it becomes overwhelming and remember that quitting is what doesn’t lead to success.

So, key steps to making new year’s resolutions accomplishable:

  • Make one huge goal – or 12 smaller ones

    • If your goal is huge, break it up into 12 smaller goals, one per month

  • Prioritize your goals into which ones would be most beneficial to do first or sooner rather than later

  • Get yourself a calendar that is visible daily so your mindest stays on your goals

  • Practice that one and only one goal for that month. As tempting as it is to do more than one, especially if they seem easy, only focus on the single goal. Willpower is a precious resource!

  • By the end of each month, you won’t be concentrating on accomplishing that month’s goal as much as it is not part of your life!





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Today’s topic is a quickie but a biggie.

Answer this – what makes you happy?

You should be able to answer this within a split second. You should be able to come up with *multiple* answers within a few seconds.

In fact, you should be able to keep listing off things in your head even while you’re reading these words.

If not, we need to fix that!

Try to think of whatever has made you happy in the past. Stuff you did, stuff you saw…. Ideas yet?

Nothing huge or drastic, I’m talking about the small pleasures in life. Quickies – like walks, talks, a song.

Find something that makes you happy, and do it. Do it now!!

Do something that makes you happy every day.

Humans in general don’t pay enough attention to ourselves.

Go and make sure to give yourself a quickie every day. Your soul will thank you!


So next steps, remember to:

do more of what makes you happy


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