The #1 Way to Accomplish Your Goals

“Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible.”


-Tony Robbins


Do you have goals?

Most people have goals – what we want, what we desire, what we know would be just be plain good for us, for our family, our community…

Exercise, organize the house, wake up earlier, learn something new,  etc.


Do you actively work towards them?

Do we always accomplish them? Not likely.

If goals were always accomplished, the human race would be productive mo fo’s!

But we’re not usually that way…


Why Not?

We all have our reasons. Not enough time. Not enough money. Not enough resources. Not enough support. Not enough sleep. Not enough coffee.


The super-duper secret to working towards your goals?

Work towards your goal first. First time of the day, first before doing anything else, first first first!

I’ve had many aspirations in my life, and I’m pretty hard on myself when I don’t work towards them. So much so that I  get discouraged and feel bad about myself, and the whole thing actually starts inhibiting me in other areas of my life.

However, we can’t all accomplish every single whim that crosses our minds! There’s not enough hours in the day!

BUT what we can do, is prioritize, pick the biggest most important one, and work towards that. First thing in the day. Every day. Even if your don’t have much time, it’s still better than no time!

But what good does that do??

Because it creates progress. It creates momentum. It creates a daily ritual and habit of working on your goals. And I’m all about momentum and habit!

Once you get the habit of working daily on goals, it becomes automatic and it keeps it in your sites. Your mind stays focused on it, and whatever it is that you want so bad doesn’t fall by the wayside. Slow progress is still progress. Don’t put unnecessary or unrealistic time limits on anything (that just discourages progress). Just get into the habit of doing something every day.

Then guess what happens when we start doing that? We start meeting our goals. We start feeling better. We feel more accomplished. We feel motivated. We want to do more. We feel confident. We get more aspirations. Life gets grand!


Next Steps:

  1. Prioritize your goals (or make one if you don’t have one!)
  2. Choose which one would be the most beneficial in your life. Something that makes you feel ecstatic just thinking about
  3. Plan a time slot for working on it into your day. First thing in the morning is best, that way no matter what happens during the day, your goal doesn’t end up being cut out!
  4. Plaster motivational and reminder memos and pictures in places you see all the time. I’m talking monitors, fridges, mirrors and such
  5. Monitor your progress. If something isn’t working for you and you’re missing your daily goal times, review what’s happening and adjust as necessary!



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  1. Just curious. What is the significance of the spelling of your website name? I thought I might deduce it by reading your post, but I didn’t figure it out.
    Re: goals. I have learned the value of tracking progress since joining Trailblazers. I keep a log of my work each day, and it is truly encouraging. When I spend a lot of time working on a problem, the notes about the problem and the research involved help me to realize that I didn’t waste the day, although I don’t see much forward movement. I learn a lot when I solve problems, even though that work doesn’t necessarily produce any homework for the end of the month. My journal proves to me that I used the day wisely, and I feel better about myself.

  2. Wendy – good synopsis of goal setting and achieving.

    There’s an incredible amount of power in the ‘every day’ mindset. Instead of a goal being a massive mountain to climb and conquer it’s just a matter of a few steps a day…the rest takes care of itself.

    Keep up the great work Wendy!

  3. Your post about setting goals (especially about the idea of scaling it down to the every-day, for me this means to bite sized pieces) reminds me of a documentary I saw a couple of years back about a mountain climber, Joe Simpson, who survived falling into a crevasse, with a broken leg and no rope- and survived. How? He couldn’t go up, so he went down. He went deeper into the crevasse because he didn’t want to give up on life. As I watched I wondered how he did that- and then he said it during the film- he said he made tiny goals for himself.

    After finding a way out of the crevasse, he still had to climb down the rest of the mountain. He would intensely focus on getting to the next “spot” his eye was on- 5 feet in front of him. When he got to that point, he would focus on the next 5 feet. And then the next. And in this way he reached the base camp. I was blown away but it inspired me to set goals daily and not think about the whole mountain of work ahead of me. Sometimes it’s hard to imagine how a small daily action is going to lead to the final dream you have in mind, but people like Joe Simpson prove it works. (BTW the film is called “Touching The Void” if you’re interested.)

  4. I love the idea of building momentum by making progress every single day. I’m not always great at this but I’d say I have definitely reached this point with my website and the feeling is wonderful! Thanks for sharing your ideas with us on this Wendy, great actionable advice as usual 🙂

  5. Wendy, I love the first first first mentality. It’s literally the thing that’s helped me in recent days! This is my philosophy in the morning- to get the most important things done and out of the way. When I do successfully accomplish this, I feel a lot less stress for the rest of the day (even if I am working.) At least I get the few big things out of the way each day! I also do this thing where I work for 5 minutes on something- promising myself I’ll stop if it sucks. I end up working much longer than expected, and getting a lot done!

  6. Hey Wendy. Great advice on working the most important goal first thing. I do my best to adopt this strategy and make it part of my morning. I find that I am much more productive when I am able to do this. The things that often derail it are checking email, not leaving enough time in the morning to focus on my goal and thinking I need an hour or two to make progress. The reality is that I only need 15 minutes to make some progress but I’m at my best when I get up early enough to have a full hour to work on my goal before I touch anything else (including email). Thanks for the next steps and the reminder to hit my goal first thing in the morning. I love your posts! They are so straight forward and easy to implement.

  7. Hi Wendy, I am behind this 100%!
    I couldn’t agree more about starting the day with completing, or working towards, a goal. Having goals are so important to ensure a life of fulfilment, however when we look at the list it can be overwhelming.
    Putting in that bit of effort on a daily basis eventually adds up to a lot of time spent on achieving our goals, and it means those boxes end up ticked instead of sitting there making us feel defeated every time we check in on progress and realize not much is being made.
    Starting the day with meaning and purpose permeates other areas of the day and ultimately ends up increasing overall productivity! As you said, it means our goals don’t get put on the back-burner when other ‘things’ come up.
    It also sets up a fantastic routine that ensures progress is steadily made! Great stuff.

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