Why Being a Morning Person is an Unbelievably Good Idea

“Lose an hour in the morning, and you will be all day hunting for it.” ~Richard Whately



Do you like waking up in the morning?

Do you like waking up early in the morning?


Well, you should!

Waking up early add enormous benefits to our lives. If used correctly, the extra time in the mornings can help you achieve your goals and feel better all day!

But I know what you’re thinking:

Wait but I sleep in so that I feel better! That sounds backwards

It seems backwards, and it will take a bit of preparing if you’re not already an early riser, but we’ll get to that later.

For now, the benefits (to motivate you to start!):

  • Studies show that early risers are happier, more optimistic people
  • The extra time allows you to “mosey” into the day instead of rushing headlong into people on the road, at work or your commute
  • The extra time also allow you to get something done every day that you’ve been wanting to do – something productive like exercise, work on your degree, or whatever your goals are!
  • Studies also show that humans sleep better earlier in the night versus during the later hours
  • You’ll have time to eat breakfast which also improves mood and health! If you have a family, it also provides an extra opportunity to eat and spend time together

I have naturally been a morning person, however at certain points of my life I have fallen off the bandwagon on this one. I end up “too tired” and hit the snooze a few times or set my alarm later. Which would later lead to setting my alarm later AND hitting snooze…

Which led me to rushing into my morning, skipping breakfast, getting frustrated when things weren’t going smoothly (wheeeere did that pair of purple socks go that I need? I’m late!) and arriving to wherever I was going in a frazzled mess. Not good times.

Easing into the morning, accomplishing something productive, having plenty of time to do everything you need and arriving where you need to be in a calm, confident mood instead of frazzled leads to a better overall quality of life!

If you’re an early riser already, good job and see if it’s early enough or if you’re still rushing as well.

If you’re not an early riser, you’ll have to take some steps to get there (and avoid the crankies):

  1. Figure out what time exactly you want to be waking up in the morning to not rush and do what you want to do
  2. Go to bed earlier (of course). Do this over a period of two weeks though, slowly incrementing your bedtime by 15 minutes until you’ve reaches the point at which you’ll get enough sleep
  3. Start making a goal for your next morning so whatever it is you so, you feel really good afterwards

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Are habits controlling your life?

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” -Aristotle


I frequently write about simple, easy, efficient, or quick ways to change our lives.

The reason is this: if we can do something, anything, simple, short, easy, whatever, every day, then what happens is it becomes a habit.

Humans are creatures of habit

Therefore, if we want to change something about ourselves or our lives, what we need to do is either create a new habit, or get rid of an old one. I will talk about both, but usually people think in terms of creating new habits, so I discuss those more.

The good and the bad about habits

Habits very much define how our days go – productive/unproductive? Did you do everything you wanted to do? No? What happened?

I did what I always do every day instead

So there we have it. Instead of getting myself motivated and getting one of my goals done and out of the way, I fell into the routine of what I always do every day. Sound familiar?

That is why I am all about making things quick, simple, and easy! If we get into the habit of doing this quick easy thing every day, guess what happens? We’re productive, we cross something off our lists, we make progress towards something big. But most of all, we just made a habit of doing it! Which makes it automatic from then on to continue to do that same thing every day, and possibly even do it more. Progress is motivating, and motivation changes habits, and good habits make progress, and so on!

It’s a cycle habit

So we have to looks at our usual day-to-day routines. Are they full of good habits or bad ones? And by bad, I don’t even mean bad-bad. I just mean non-productive (watching too much TV) or just activities that aren’t working towards your higher goals (browsing Pinterest for five hours). Are your habits cycling your life towards what you want? No?

Let’s change that

Research shows  it takes at least two weeks to form a habit, and usually three or more. So then don’t try to change more than one thing at a time, else you most likely won’t

change anything. Work on one habit at a time that you want to add or change, and just do that one thing every day for a month. After you find yourself automatically doing tat one thing every day, you are ready to add a new habit. People tend to do too much all-or-nothing decision making. Life isn’t about all or nothing, life is about making progress towards something better. With progress, you will get there eventually.


  • Choose one habit you want to add to your life (preferably a positive one)
  • Make it as simple, easy, quick, and streamlined as possible. It needs to be something you are 100% sure you can do every day. Not 70% or even 90%, but 100% of the time. Nothing is too easy, don’t go big. This is about progress.
  • Choose the best time of day that you *know* you will be able to do it
  • Do it every day, no excuses. Excuses are also a habit 😉


Post it on your fridge, mark it on your calendar, create reminders on your phone. Do everything you can to not forget to do it, and to do it no matter what. Keep a log. If there is a day you miss (but I know you won’t!) write it in your log and write about why and what happened. Also write about how to prevent missing a day in the future.

You’ll be surprised at the results after a month!


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